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Big Brother Live Show Spoilers

If you're looking for Big Brother Live Show Spoilers, you've come to the right place. Absolutely Everything within this blog will be a spoiler... Created for our friends on the west coast and beyond who simply MUST know the results of the live show before they air... Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Show Spoiler for 2/27/08

Please return to bb9dish for Post Show updates.

Unless there is a major twist, the Big Brother 9 'Til Death Do They Part Live Show Spoiler for this evening will begin and be immediately updated as soon as the votes are being announced...

In the event of a big twist, it will be announced here as it happens.

It's starting!! :) Please refresh periodically to check for updates to the spoiler.

They're doing a huge mis-direct for the tv-only audience, and reminding all the live feed viewers that it was in fact Allison who spearheaded getting rid of Matt and Natalie. Ironic. Then they fast forward to Ryan and Allison plotting Amanda and Alex's demise on the hammock...

Julie says, "Tonight, the houseguests will be voting live," then they cut to a taped segment of Adam and Sheila...

Julie's Checking in with James & Chelsia up in HoH...
Live Vote is next...
Nominees pleading their case...

Votes to Evict:
Adam & Sheila vote to Evict: Amanda & Alex
Joshuah & Sharon vote to Evict: Amanda & Alex :(
Allison & Ryan vote to Evict: Amanda & Alex

By a vote of
3 to 0

Amanda & Alex

have been Evicted from the Big Brother House
Sharon's in tears.
Josh: "Come on. We've got to win this for Amanda."

HoH Comp NOW:
"Words of Love"
All about the love quotes around the house.
When you know the name of the author who wrote the quote, buzz in.
If you're correct, you can eliminate one couple.
If incorrect, you're eliminated.
Men v Men
Women v Women.

Ladies first...

Allison's out.
Sheila's out.
Natalie's out.
All were
Eliminated by Sharon's correct answers

Sharon won the ladies round.

Ryan's out... he answered wrong
Matt's out... by Joshuah's correct answer.


are the New HoH Couple


Anyone else see a crown removal happening soon?

Julie's parting words:
"I'll be back one week from tonight for our next LIVE eviction, and you wont want to miss this. The evicted couple will get a surprise that no one will see coming, and a new chapter will begin for this season of Big Brother!"

Hmph. Does that mean no shot for Alex coming back?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother 9 Live Show Spoilers for February 20th 2008

The Votes to Evict?:

Matt & Natt - Evict Ryan and Allison
James & Chelsia - Evict Jen & Parker
Adam & Sheila - Evict Jen & Parker
Joshuah & Sharon - Evict Jen & Parker


By a Vote of
3 to 1

Jen and Parker

Have Been Evicted from the
Big Brother House

6 opinion based Questions
Answer how you think the majority will repond

  1. No hot water for next couple days.
  2. Women in bathing suits for the next 24 hours.
  3. No drinking cups for the next week
  4. margarita party tonight - with no drinking cups.
  5. the women cook dinner for the next week
  6. no washing machine for 2 weeks. yuck!

Chelsia and James are the New HoH


Any Important
Big Brother Announcements
from the Chenbot

Post Show Commentary:

Show's on!!! They're doing the recap. As soon as anything important happens, it'll be posted within seconds.

Julie: It's day 14 in the BB house, and already it's been a firestorm of emotions. It's been especially tough for real life couple Jen and Ryan. They're both on the block. Tonight, one will be going home...

Segment: The Biggest Fight in BB history - The lead-up to the blow out... Joshuah "Give her a noose.. just like her dad."

Julie: Coming up, with real life couple Jen and Ryan on the block together, they're beginning to turn on each other.

Julie: Welcome back to Big Brother. How far are Jen & Ryan willing to go to stay in the game?

Racism Segment:
Jen: (to Sheila) Ryan is also racist. I feel like I shouldn't badmouth him, but it is what it is.

Julie: It's time to check in with the HGs and see how they're doing. how are you guys? Sheila, I wanna begin with you tonight. How are you getting along now?

Sheila: We're actually a match made in heaven
Adam: I like Sheila. We're doing well.

Julie: Raise your hand right now if you're confident there are no other couples in the house.
3 hands go up.

Julie: In just a few minutes, either Ryan or Jen, along with their partners will be eliminated.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Brother Live Show Spoilers Every Wednesday Night

The first live show of the special winter edition of Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do They Part will be this coming Wednesday, February 20th.

We'll be here promptly at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific spoiling every last detail of the Big Brother 9 Live Show for all the west coast, UK and beyond viewers who simply MUST know who gets evicted and who wins HoH before the show airs in their time zone.

Come early. Come often.

Bookmark the site and come back every Wednesday night throughout the season.

This season of Big Brother brings new meaning to "expect the unexpected"!

See you Wednesday night!

Until then, we'll be over on bb9dish.

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